Tuesday, April 13, 2004



what a shitty day
and it's not even half over.
my rent cheque was returned
because the bank has decided my signature
no longer matches the form i signed for them nearly
15 years ago.
fair enough - i don't write my name with bubble letters anymore -
but, why now? why do they decide to get vigilant with my first
month's rent cheque?
now i have to pay them an extra $25 and pay in money orders
from now on, because they no longer trust me.
what a pain in the arse.

i cleaned out my old apt last night and now
im stuck with a tons of shit i don't have room for.
in short, cleaning and moving out of the old place
was a disaster.
not only did i have to impose on someone whom
i really shouldn't have,
but the evening ended in exhaustion and a damaged
rental van.
it will cost loads of money.
good thing i don't have any of that.

hmm..what else?
i have to leave work early today when i really cannot
afford to do so.
i do not want to go home - the place is a disaster.
hate coming off as a flake.
i really need a home computer.
also - pretty sure i've lost my ability to write.
check that - i'm positive.

all i want to do is go to sleep for a very long time.
lounge in bed for a day.
go for a late leisurely lunch
and then return to bed.
decadent indulgence. therapy.

oh - i had a party on the weekend.
when im not in such a putrid mood i will
write of happier things.

obnoxious and tragic wilco quote o' the day:

phones still ring
and singers sing
speakers are speaking in code
what now?
well anyhow,
our prayers will never be answered again


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