Tuesday, April 13, 2004

ooh an update!

well, a few hours have passed.
feeling less pissy.

bought me a new pair of them yoga pants.
(seeing as my rent cheque was returned to me)
see me making water into wine!
granted, they aren't the crazy expensive lululemon gear.
i'm not stupid nor wealthy enough to blow nearly $100 on stretch pants.
nope, these are knock-offs,
and no, i don't practice yoga - i'm far too high-strung.
but, i do enjoy the comfort of these soft, yet very tight pants.
now i understand why almost every woman in the west end
flits about in painted on exercise wear.

and so now i am back at work.
sitting comfortably cross-legged in my new
accommodating pants.
listening to party skirt
a sexy little song.

which reminds me, i said i would write about my party.
but i've just discovered a blemish percolating
on my cheek.
i've lost my motivation.

not much to say anyway - except that it was fun
and i know some very nice people
i consider myself fortunate to enjoy such
fine company.


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