Sunday, May 30, 2004

i'm easy, easy like sunday morning Posted by Hello

i love sunday mornings.
even waking up alone with the tweed pattern
from my sofa firmly engraved down the
left side of my body - i am happy.

last night's get-together was nice.
for the first time in my life i tried
pot brownies - i know, what you're thinking,
"you wild and crazy thing, you."
i'm not big on getting high.
i mean, it's ok.
but i get bored of it quickly
and i hate waiting for the feeling to go away.

anyway, everyone else thought the brownies
tasted disgusting and a few folks even
had trouble swallowing them.
me, not being a connosieur and not having any particular
issue with the taste of pot, thought they were lovely.
chocolate is chocolate.

flashforward 2 hours - everyone in the
room was hilarious.
and if they weren't hilarious,
they were asleep.

i kicked out the last guest at 1:30
and fell into a long dreamless sleep.
i really needed the rest and today
i feel good.

no one will go to the tattoo convention with me.
sad. sad. sad.
mind you, it does cost $21 to get in.
but, im a trouper.
i am so close to staying home.
i promised myself i would go.
and i'm going to try to keep my word.
i'm sick to death of being such a fucking flake.

did i ever tell you all the story about the
time i considered joining the army?
no? good.


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