Friday, July 23, 2004


i retract my original statement regarding his attractiveness.
i am thoroughly ashamed of my moment of weakness.
my readers have pointed me back on to the path of the strait and narrow.

but i have to wonder if there isn't a bit of a double standard here.
when a woman finds a man attractive for purely physical reasons it seems to get people's backs up. there are plenty of hip "counter-cultural" men out there who would happily throw it in mandy moore or any of those slutty popstars without a thought for their tastes in music, art or politics.

believe me you, i find david usher as unbearable as anyone. but he is pretty. and sometimes when you are sitting alone at night watching much more music and a music video comes on and you have a laptop...well, things can get out of control.

damn, i'm still justifying here.

oh yes, and i found out that he is...
diminutive. so that pretty much hoops the whole all sex no talking/singing/eye contact fantasy.


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