Friday, July 09, 2004

i have terrific insomnia.
i wonder if it is the chicken i ate for dinner,
or that list i wrote before bed titled "things to be anxious about"?

the other day a cab driver complimented my perfume.
he told me it was nice to have a woman in his car
who did not smell like a chocolate bar.
he asked if it was expensive - saying he would like to buy it for his wife.
i just so happened to have a free sample in my bag -
he was so pleased he turned off the metre half-way home.
sometimes things work out.

i do love my perfume,
shockingly, my intensely critical, totally contrary sister approves.
she shares my opinion that it is nice to be able to recognize individual scents -
real scents of real organic substance.

naysaying heathens did try to place doubt in my mind -
one person commented that it smelled too old-fashioned,
another wounded me with a "sophisticated old lady in a nursing home" crack.

the scent is pears, gardenia and roses.
those with an unrefined nose simply cannot reacquaint themselves with roses.
more's the pity.
i suppose they are the sort that keep calvin, j-lo and charlie in business.



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