Friday, August 05, 2005

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So ... last night I was invited to a bbq and meet-the-new-baby get-together. The bbq'd sausages and veggies were delicious and the baby was gorgeous - a right proper little gentleman.

Between the unwrapping of the baby gift and the doling out of the cold beer, our gracious host suggested that we all do a 1/4 hit of acid. I have never tried it ever. I've always been too afraid. Mushrooms no problem. Anything else - okay. But I have - had - a real fear of acid.

Our host guaranteed that the small amount he was offering would be very mild and would have no more effect than drinking three beer. And mild it was. I had a lovely time and the bike ride home was glorious. But, he also promised me that I'd be able to sleep by 11 pm. Well, flashforward to 2 am and I'm still wide awake, my whole body humming and my mind unwilling to concentrate on the book I'm reading. I turned out the lights and tried to force myself to sleep, but the plants in my room were casting menacing shadows on my wall.

So, I decided to do a photoshoot with my cellphone. The nice thing about the acid is that it made me feel quite glamorous and boudoir beautiful and so I felt strongly that I should capture the moment on film. Of course when I looked at the photos in the morning I was disappointed. Monumentally so. I deleted many of them without looking too closely, wishing that the beauty-enhancing effects of the acid had stuck around a little longer. There were a few keepers and since they are flattering enough I've posted them. No sense in pretending I am above posting glamour shots. I've no qualms over acknowledging my pathetic tendencies.

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Oh and my bike was stolen last night. Bummer. But let's end things on a positive note! Let me tell you what was in my package from NYC. I am one lucky-loo!

- super duper expensive Marc Jacobs skirt in the most excellent shade of orangey-red ever. I love the pretty pink ribbon detail and silk waistband

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- very adorable lavender Rocketdog shoes (they look like jellybeans and I am in love with them)

- the most flattering and nicely constructed seafoam green hoodie

- a Teenage Millionaire ball cap

- sunglasses, chopsticks from Nobu...

Oh, I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Thank you dear sweet friends.


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