Friday, November 11, 2005

Not today...

Well, I can't very well complain about my perceived hardships on Remembrance Day, now can I? So, I won't. Besides, things are looking up. My wee scripts were approved, I'm learning how to use scriptwriting software and apparently someone, somewhere in the plant is drafting up a contract for me to sign - word has it, I'll be employed until March 31st. Not too shabby. So, there - no complaints today. But don't worry... by tomorrow or the day after, I'll be bristling with indignation over something or other.

I should get up and go to the Remembrance Day services. I am ashamed of myself because the pouring rain is deterring me. I will try to get it together in time to make the parade.

Oh, and one more thing. Last night, on the radio, I heard a "reporter" (News 1130 - so reporter is a stretch) refer to today as "Poppy Day". Like Turkey Day or something. Disgraceful.


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