Monday, November 14, 2005

Vanity press

I am thinking that I will make this here blog into a small book-type thing. A friend of mine recently showed me the book she had bound for her mother. It was impressive. This way, when I die, I can leave everyone I know a hardcopy of several years worth of me! It's the gift that keeps on giving and giving. Ooh, and how much fun to plan the book jacket photo and bio!!! You wouldn't believe how entertained these thoughts have kept me all day.

I figure that it is pretty likely that one of the books will get left on public transit, or better yet, in a bar and then a super famous editor will find it and buy me a pair of satin gloves and ask me for dinner and buy me an Armani dress...

Okay, so that end part is the plot to Shopgirl. After paying to see Capote, I snuck in to Shopgirl for an ill-begotten double feature. Sure, the movie had a few problems, but I found it so emotionally satisfying that I could easily forgive the sketchy bits - even Jason Shwartzman's surprising unlikeablity. It was dreadfully romantic and sad. In fact, this movie wounded me just a bit. It upset me for a whole night. And in my world that's a fair amount of time. Capote was a wonderful film as well - probably better than Shopgirl, I bet. But I don't really feel like talking about it right now. Not due to anything with the film, I'm just bored of writing about movies for the time being. That said, you really should go see it. Good storytelling and fantastic wardrobe.

So, yeah. Maybe I will try to make a blog book. Methinks some creative grant propsal may be necessary.


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