Sunday, February 05, 2006


what would raffi do?

Things have taken a moderate dip in the downward direction as of late.

I have recently learned that it is "all my fault" - mind you, I can't say this is new, exactly. I have had my suspicions...

My landlord smokes like a bingo hall and is killing me softly. He informed me that we all have things we have to put up with. Why, he's allergic to "perfumey" things and he has 2 female tenants! Even-steven. And so I shall have to move. It's been a good six-month run.

My job is causing me unreal stress. There is light at the end of the tunnel ... I will be laid off on March 31st. Pretty cool when your light is abject poverty!

I have a head cold.

I just spent $103 dollars on asthma medication - thank fucking god for my benefits pkg.

Things are pretty rocking! I need a patron. Where can I find me a patron?

Time to go blow my nose. Again.


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