Monday, March 06, 2006

Cash cow

Hip hop, hippety-hop, hip hop hippety-doo! Thank you, Mr. Yutai for your donation. I heart you and to show my appreciation... I dedicate to you a poem that was sent to me by my new internets friend, Rosario.

nickelplated exhausted sunburn proud initial
deftly unthinkable road crevice scum
swill bond barking douses place
phantasm luxuriant whitewashing spittle ruling
soutane spur hallucinations dressmakers ancient
expand whoever shaft brooms withdrawn?
mangled annual girls rapidly starts
darkness museums tenor beautiful seals?
dipped infernal floats temptation disappointment
wrong bird refuses insane looks
pent thousandyearold acquaint roasting flag
independent wrote staghorns dearly embellished

Best Regards,

Rosario Geraldine

Yutai, Miranda and Prohom will all go to heaven. Wouldn't you like to meet them one day?


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