Tuesday, November 07, 2006

something sparkly for my best girl...

Dearest Slushpile, I've neglected you so! But then again why should you be immune? I've neglected bigger and better. But, I don't mean to speak harshly. You are a blog and you are my blog and I will always love you for that. Hush, sweetheart... I will do better. After all, who do I turn to when I want to passively attack a reader? You, dear pile of slush, you! And who sat there for hours and hours whilst I tinkered - ok, ok, don't sulk darling, I will speak plainly - whilst I fucked with your perfectly good code? You were not good enough for me, I thought. I changed your colours, deleted your scripts and basically manhandled you terribly. And what did you do? Why, you yielded to my rough attentions. Oh, but don't think I haven't noticed your rebellious refusal to centre my logo! Hot-blooded little fool! We are one, you and I. You've faced the ugliest side of me and yet you lie back, lips parted and ask for more. How could I ever want another? It can be like it once was. This weekend... we will spend time alone. Just the two of us. I'll not browse away for one moment. Just say you forgive me! Just say it!

There's a girl. Who loves you?


Blogger Kerry said...

all i have to say it...bowling tomorrow...bring it bitch!

11/09/2006 8:39 PM  

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