Saturday, January 23, 2010

Of all the gin joints...

..."he isnt hearing what you say, but watching the movement of your lips in sexual rumination."

Barf. Funny how some things fade from life so easily while others stick and stick and stick. Why couldn't it have been my first crush from highschool, Geoff Cook, boarding my bus Friday morning instead of the black-haired girl who turns my insides to ice? Why is it this person whom I've never met - yet with whom I share intimate knowledge and experience - is so entangled in my day-to-day existence? I want to see my childhood best friend or my old creative writing instructor walking down my street -- not her. Leaving the city might help, but then again nasty old fate might just welcome the challenge and throw us together regardless of where I set up stakes. I'm starting to think this may be one of those unresolved issue things. What a drag.


Anonymous wurkingartist said...

Every moment is a test, that's why.

1/28/2010 9:14 AM  
Blogger ... said...

i suck at tests!

1/28/2010 11:34 PM  

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