Sunday, December 28, 2003


so, i didn't go out drinking.
well, i had some drinks - but i had them at a canucks game.
the weather was too much for my parents to drive in from the valley,
so my dad donated his tickets to me.
great seats. first row behind the glass.

oh, there is just so much to say about the crowd.
maybe i should wait until tomorrow.
the game was boring - the canucks lost.
not that i care. i'm attracted to the spectacle of the whole thing.
the woman sitting beside me was so entertainingly repulsive.
from her canucks jersey and ball cap right down to her seasonal socks.

it was wild being so close to the ice.
to be able to see the players so clearly.
i was reminded of being a young girl watching my brother's hockey games.
even back then i knew hockey players were most often jock goofs -
but it didn't stop me from being attracted to them.
something about the uniform and the hair blowing in the "rink wind"
one of the oilers players was rather foxy - staios.
and i've always harboured a very guilty attraction to bertuzzi and sopel.
but only in a date-rape kind of way.
lots of broken noses...i have a weird thing for prominent noses.
a turn-on of mine.

just to be obnoxious - i dug out my yarn and knitted during the whole third period.
when i got home - i watched hockey night in canada replay and saw myself on tv.

a question: what is with guys and knee-highs? what is the attraction? is it really as base as the whole school-girl fantasy? weirdos.


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