Thursday, December 18, 2003


(image courtesy of holiday)

it's a gorgeous vancouver morning in december.
plus 10 degrees outside.
i almost don't miss the snow today.

last night i baked.
i made quiche tarts and nanaimo bars.
and i made a huge mess...
but everything tastes rather edible.

i'm ridiculously domestic, you know.
i like to put on cocktail parties.
in another reality, i'd be a helluva an event planner.
i set a fabulous table.

i take sick pleasure in cooking for/serving men.
i love to refill drinks, fuss over seconds.
i used to try to squelch this in me...but i'm a pleasure slut.
if it feels good..blah blah blah.

i have a wee bit more xmas shopping to do.
if only i had much more money.

hmm...this here's missing something...
a little angst, perhaps?
next time, im sure.


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