Friday, December 19, 2003


(image courtesy of holiday)

last night should have been wonderful.
it was a fucking disaster.
spent the night alternating between seething and bawling.
happy holidays, im sure.

today i look like a bag of shit.
a bag of shit with some pretty nice new stockings, if i don't mind saying so.
i figured i could detract from my puffy sour face with some interesting leg detail.
im sure it's working perfectly.
some guy hollered "slut!" from the window of his shiny new PT Cruiser.
in front of an elementary school.
if only he had slowed and given me his phone number.
we could be bouncing around his back seat right this very moment.


oh and an update:
mid-post, i found out that someone has been trying to hack into my voicemail at work.
of course i know who it is.
i am so angry right now i could cause someone serious physical damage.
didn't i say something about angst last time?


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