Thursday, December 25, 2003

i am very full.
my mother has left food on every surface.
you could not swing a cat in here without hitting grub.
figuritively speaking, of course.
kind of.
my parents have a cat named snowball and some yappy rat-dog named charlie.
my allergies are going mad.
my mother keeps the scale prominently displayed in the bathroom.
i have gained 4 pounds since my arrival yesterday.
i figure i will likely burn off 3 pounds tonight by sneezing.
i look so hot right now...
you would not believe.
red eyes, red nose, swollen from histimine and chocolate.
i ran for a bit in a beautiful place, out here in the valley.
a lovely white church on top of a hill in a heritage park.
very inspiring. my body was most receptive to the exercise.
i may even do it again, soon.

got a very cool lighter, a HBC scarf, and a knitting set for christmas.
i am trying to knit.
a very funny scene. lovely candlelight, skeins of merry coloured wool and me - swearing like a sailor.
i will do this. i will knit wonderful things.
even if it fucking kills me.


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