Monday, December 29, 2003

went out in public today.
went to the cbc. i was itching to get back to work.
bought myself some new trainers. black.
it was a trial to go with the sensible shoes.
bought some hose and a new miniskirt.

i am on a very tight budget.
i charmed my landlord into cashing the rent cheque on the 7th.
i have 2 landlords. one is a bush pilot and the other works at a bank.

feel like unzipping my skin and stepping out for a bit.
like a looney tunes character.
it would be such a relief.

you know, it's weird how cars reflect their human manufacturers.
i wonder what the automobile would look like if it were designed by a different species.

i am so multi-faceted, you see.

an advert on the skytrain has me thinking i would like to learn german.
you can take a course at sfu.

i suppose i should rent the film, secretary.
today, another person told me i have to see it.
all i know about this movie is that it has an overt BDSM theme.
what people must think of me.


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