Thursday, January 01, 2004

yup, yup, yup.
i mean really, what can you say?

my fingers are crazy cold.
i'm at work typing out the good old zed newsletter.
check your inboxes, my pretties.
solid gold.

my right hand it hurting me.
an old costco injury.
i love hand massages.
speaking of costco (see two lines up),
i am going to visit my old workplace for the first time since i left.
it is time.
i ran into an old co-worker at a party a few weeks ago and after catching up on gossip,
i realized i wouldn't mind visiting some of the old crowd.
i am still nervous about it.
i haven't set foot in the building since i quit.
costco is a weird place.
i will tell you all about it some time.

i must stop smiling at strangers on the street.
a bad habit from the "retail years".
causes nothing but trouble.

thankfully some money should be coming in tomorrow.
i am stealing toilet paper from work -
which since it's a government institution is probably a federal offense.
aren't criminals supposed to be sexy?

80-ish more hits and i'll reach 6000.
if i had a penny for every hit...


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