Saturday, January 10, 2004

(earlier..)'s saturday, huh?

well, the snow's gone.
its a lovely foggy day.
seems like i should go outside and romp around.
but my romping muscles are rather atrophied.
i can see the park from my window.
gorgeous. huge trees.
bet the ducks would like a feeding.
now wouldn't that just be most picturesque?
feeding ducks, on a misty pond...
but it's all the way over there.
and really, i'm awfully scared of ducks.
i don't like their beaks and i don't fall for that comical waddle one bit.
they'd snap your finger off for a crumb of stale bread.
little buggers.

i'm sure i can find something to do inside.
maybe i'll go experiment with generous doses of nyquil and gravol.
ah the past times of the underenthused, the poor and the fantastically lazy.


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