Thursday, January 08, 2004

things i must take care of:
book doctor's appt, book dentist's appt,
phone shaw cable beg/plead for extended service until i can pay the bill, somehow get money to pay the bill, start using moisturizer, book appt with dermatologist (find out why i still need clearasil at 31), remove chipped nail polish, phone hydro - tell them i'll pay bill on 15th, somehow get money for the 15th, start exercising, get some decent exercise wear, drink more water, drink less pop, smoke less, get cough syrup, give up nose spray (eventually), BUY nose spray (asap!!), get some fake tanner, remember to use that shave-less-often moisturizer, buy razors, answer my emails, submit writing to someone (anyone?), book a massage, get money to afford the luxury of a massage, consider new tattoo, deal with student loans, GET NEW BANK ACCOUNT TO HIDE FROM STUDENT LOANS, save money for a trip to visit best friend and new baby in england, mail long long long overdue parcel to best friend and baby in england, print out this list to remind me of all the things i forgot to put on this list.


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