Sunday, February 01, 2004

apt hunt did not go so well today.
i am feeling guilty.
i arranged to have my old apt to myself this weekend,
but it feels too weird to be in there by myself.
i felt panicky in there last night.
panic and procrastination seem to make swell bedmates in my narrow little world.
i have a lead on a place in the west end tomorrow - make that today.
christ, it's late.

i'm telling you, i am only half joking when i say i would blow a landlord/property manager - providing he/she has a two bedroom suite (sans carpet) and decent personal hygiene.

my mom convinced me not to stay alone tonight.
so i am billeting myself out again.
i'm at work right now.

i have positive interesting things to write about, you know.
my night out with jeff and my induction to all things tyee is definitely worthy of a few lines.
i will attend the th?nk vancouver launch tomorrow evening.
and other shtuff - look for these and other thrilling topics soon!

i better do some work now.


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