Friday, February 13, 2004

getting excited thinking about the new move.
still scared a bit and worried about the people who will be affected by all this movement.
but i believe, strongly, that change is a force to be reckoned with.
while the changes may not always be positive - the shockwaves of change can do people good.
maybe even do people great.

so, i've discovered that many of my co-workers will be my neighbours.
i do like my privacy though.
here's hoping none of them are into unannounced visits.

i love the west end.
i looked at places on commercial drive, strathcona and mount pleasant.
all east side - all very expensive.
the only end of town i refused to scour is the west side.
my sister lived there for a while $780/month for the teeniest bachelor suite.
i find the area so depressing.
chapters, starbucks, chapters, starbucks.
everyone dresses the same. looks the same.
i find it tiresome. yes, it's pretty. a nice neighbourhood.
if you're white, or at least white on the inside, hopelessly straight and shop at gap.

the west end has some of the gritty charm of the east - but it's DOWNTOWN, man.
big buildings. great shops.
it has energy.


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