Sunday, February 22, 2004

see my beddinge.

well, i am officially resituated.
thanks to a few dear and heroic souls, the move went swimmingly.
those poor bastards lifted my stuff up stairs, in and out of elevators and in and out of a truck
all the way from new westminster to the west end.
all for the paltry reward of beer and pizza...
and of course my eternal sniveling gratitude.

my first night was relatively sleepless.
well, not exactly true.
we christened the joint with
throw in a couple of beer and some heavy disgusting pizza - (do not order from the flying wedge - i don't care who told you it's good)
after all that, i pretty much passed out after everyone left.
no phone, no computer and hours to go until snl - what the hell else was i to do?
i woke up at 3:00 all wired and wiggy.
it dawned on me that with this new apt. - i had taken several steps back on the route to adulthood.
i have left my concrete, three-bedroom, up-in-the-sky, secure suite with a killler view for a student's pad.
i lie on my couch contemplating this, taking in the strange new noises of my building.
it's darling, yes. but i can hear my neighbours pissing. i can hear their alarm clocks.
sleep did not come. at 5:00 i gave in and started unpacking boxes.

spent the majority of today rushing around ikea trying to find something bed-like to fit my budget.
finally, after endless jaunts to the "as-is" section, i pieced together a tidy little bargain.
i got me a beddinge! with a $100 discount to boot.
felt like an asshole pronouncing it.
rightly so.


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