Tuesday, March 30, 2004


31-year-old female, caucasion, cause of death: whoring

i dislike the layout of this here blog
i could change it
make it pretty
arty, even.

i am cold
so very cold
i am wearing a fuzzy hat
lavender and french canadian
it has lost all shape and the fuzz
is fast becoming matted.
a wee edge of my heart will break
when this hat, like most things dear,
makes it's exodus.

my mouse hand is freezing
to the touch
looks like a corpse claw.
chipped red nailpolish
let's be specific
like a dead hooker's southpaw
i've never seen a dead hooker,
but i imagine her hand would look like
mine does right now.

the face of my phone
has a flashing heart

oh yeah?
you want a piece of me?
take it.


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