Tuesday, March 30, 2004


earlier still

had a good sleep.
after a while, wound up having a great day at work.
had to put out some fires...
disgruntled folks from sea to shining sea.
things are bubbling beneath the surface in the office
who knows what will come of it...
likely nothing - still, it's nice to be nominated.

i hosted "band" practice at my place.
typical birds in a nest...
took several bottles of wine,
divulging our preferred sexual roles -
(one dom, one sub, two who like to mix it up)
and a game of six degrees of separation
before we got down to bidness.
part of my campaign to be a "funner" person.
i don't know. i really don't know.
perhaps i should stick to lusting after musicians
rather than emulating them.

i want to buy a dress.
its just such a girlie thing to do.
dress shopping.

nearly out of my sample of stella
a perfume that simply drives me wild

lined up at the fido shop for a whole 10 minutes
before leaving in a huff
it is always packed in there.
my phone is making odd noises
but i will have to gather my patience if i want it fixed.


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