Saturday, March 20, 2004

a fellow zedder Weston and yours truly,
the night of zed uncut

saturday night.
looking forward to a meal of kraft dinner and salsa.
can i stay awake until SNL?
only time will tell.

feeling anxious.
ate crap food today.
did none of the things i planned.
very little willpower.
perhaps anxious is incorrect.
unsure is more accurate,

ran into a friend today.
turns out we are neighbours.
she looked great.
i did not.
what does one have to do with the other?
she invited me to a party.
i can't go.
but i look forward to hooking up with her.

next week i will have a housewarming.
i should be able to fit at least 12 souls in my apt.
if i only invite media folks -
i should be able to fit at least 50 people.
ba dum dum.
that's right folks, i'm here all week.


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