Monday, March 15, 2004

what an end to a shitty day.
last week i sent out a company email to 400 people.
thing is - i didn't BCC it - i entered all the addresses into the "to:" field.
you see, this sort of thing doesn't exactly jive with the cbc privacy policy.
within moments i had dozens of irate emails from whiney sucky people -
who had every right to be annoyed - but come on people!
get a fucking grip - it's an email sent out to a bunch of cbc nerds.
pretty safe group.

anyhoo, i immediately sent out an on-my-knees-bend-me-over-and-give-it-to-me email,
apologizing profusely.
that's when folks smelled blood in the water.
these "concerned citizens" started emailing trying to get free shit out of me.
to make matters worse, one of the people in the email list started spamming the group.
i had to then email them and beg them to stop.
this combined with preparations for our live episode, not to mention my mess of a life...
well, its a miracle i'm still alive!

yeah, so that was a week ago.
today, i find out that one of my "victims" complained to the cbc privacy office,
who in turn, contacted my boss.
he was really cool about it - but still, it sucks.

this day has been shitty for a myriad of reasons.
none of them tangible, really.

positive note: i returned my $120 skirt to club monaco. i will be able to eat this week.
but, damn. it was a nice skirt.
really, there is no nobility in poverty.
at least not with me.

i should go home now.
misery deserves company.
i guess i could go teach my bird some curse words.


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