Monday, March 22, 2004

sweet mother of pearl!
mention angele yanor in your blog
and watch your traffic skyrocket.
jesus, apparently there truly is no bad press.

it's moondae night.
i ate a subway wrap and i feel ill.
skipped out on an engagement i should have attended.
feeling guilty and stressed about it.
but truth be told, physically - i just wasn't up to it.

did a bit of laundry last night.
hating every item of clothing i own.
check that.
i hate the way my clothes look on me.
seasons are changing and everyone looks
so fresh and lovely.
i feel tattered and worn through.

still must acquire:
-audio equipment
-full-length mirror
-brita water filter
-proper blanket (i miss my duvet!)

starting over can be so inconvenient.

but i have a phone - that never rings.
but, its a start.
but but but

i suppose i should write about someting of some import here...
ah fuck it. why should i?
loads of others are writing interesting things.


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