Thursday, July 01, 2004


had a good time last night.
quite unexpected, really.
started off at subeez (a place i despise, where i usually wind up enjoying myself)
and then finished up at the marine club.
we went to check out zed darlings, bulletsnake.
they were funny and totally entertaining -
so cute, you just want to eat them up.

i was sporting an angry sunburn from spending the day at the pool,
so i expected to be crabby and uncomfortable.
i simply drank a couple of glasses of water for each caesar
and things went swimmingly.
today, i actually appear to have a bit of colour.
will wonders never cease?

i suppose i had better get a move on here,
it is canada day and i am off to granville island.
i hate granville island - busy and fucking annoying.
i wish they would sink the eyesore
i do quite like canada day celebrations, however.
it may be fun.

its the end of the month and i do not have my rent money
and it's 7 days until payday.
i will think about that later.
tonight i am going on a pub crawl.

oh and a rather good-looking fellow is moving in as we speak (so to speak)
he appears to live alone and seems straight.
i make this hasty judgment based on the fact that he unloaded a
couple of guitars and a few pieces of ratty furniture
and i saw no girlie bits and pieces making their way from the truck.
doesn't strike me as player for the pink team.

he has a couple of people helping him unload.
i'm thinking brother and dad - they look alike.
he's not drop-dead gorgeous or anything,
but he's wearing flip-flops and has nice hair.
whatever, it's just something to look at.
the scenery is pitiful in this building.



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