Monday, July 12, 2004

ech, i fell asleep at 8 pm and just woke up.
its the first time i've looked at a computer today.
verrrry unusual.

i was very busy.
my parents and my sister came for dinner -
an early birthday dinner.
even though i will be seeing my family next weekend -
the weekend of my actual DOB -
my mother insisted on celebrating today.

overall, it was a successful visit.
that is until my neighbours had my dad's station wagon towed.
that part of the day was not cool.
my father parked in their spot so they called a tow truck.
my dad got down to the parking lot in time to stop the driver from hitching up his car,
but he still had to pay $50.

my neighbours (an obnoxious couple) were in the lot and there was a bit of a confrontation.
my dad was so angry all he could sputter was "assholes!"
and my mother cawed down at them from the balcony about downtown rudeness
and something about the trials nowadays of just trying to visit her daughter.

all very embarrassing, but i have to say - the neighbours are indeed assholes.
your typical uptight westend couple.
there was several visitor spots on either side of her spot.
if it were me, i might be annoyed, but i would have taken one of the visitor spots.
i admit i wanted to flick the back of the chick's neck when she smugly turned to sign for the tow truck.
she was a snarky bitch. so there.
here's hoping i don't run into them alone in the laundry room.
it will be awkward.

well, what to do.
now i'm fully awake.
i guess i will work.
or...stare at the ceiling until i get so bored i fall back to sleep.
now, that sounds like a plan.


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