Sunday, July 04, 2004

i have just returned from a most pleasant and interesting birthday party.
the man of the hour was ringing in his 30th.
such a nice fellow - all 137 pounds of him.
i guessed his weight, you see.
i also met his wife - whom i recognize as a talented byline around town.
you'll be pleased to know they both look darling in a zed trucker hat.

i met a woman i sort of know from winnipeg.
until tonight, i only really knew of her.
a name and face bandied about frequently back in the day.
lovely woman.

strange evening because although i kind of feel like i knew people there
i had never met any of them.
a few of them even read slushpile from time-to-time.
ah, the world wide web is just plain amazing.

favourite line of the evening:
"i think i've read you...slushcups?"
very funny and friendly.
in fact, it sounds a helluva lot better than slushpile.
i may just consider it for slush v2.

had to leave early -
would have loved to have stayed to see rich hope perform.
but i have a few deadlines to make.
no rest for the blah blah blah.

anyhoo - it was fun and stimulating.
things have been rather dull lately.
a nice change of pace.

this post is dull -
i would have preferred to have done the evening justice
but, it just isn't coming easy right now.
and if it don't come easy, don't do it -
i always says.

i should sleep now.


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