Thursday, July 22, 2004

it is not yet 10 am and it is already a no-good-very-bad day
between nine and ten i rec'vd three phone calls from folks kindly requesting that i give them their fucking money. they were very mean to me.
it's a rent paycheque, you see. so there are no extra dollars for frivolous things like telephone service, cable and electricity.

i want to go back to sleep, but my back is killing me.
to top it off, it's gonna be stupidly hot today. which means i can't wear jeans. which means i will have to shave my legs. which means i have one more reason to never ever leave my bed.

and yet even my bed has turned on me. who knew the cheap foam of an ikea sofabed would one day wear away to nothing more than a whisper of padding over an abusive metal frame?

oh, i will shut-up now. such a miserable cow am i.


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