Monday, July 12, 2004

just attempted to see the cremaster cycle.
i knew i should have bought my ticket earlier.
i planned to go alone, but wound up running into a friend,
and met several more along the way.
we were all turned away so we headed off to bosman's for drinks.
it was loads of fun.

one of the fellows toured with platinum blonde many years ago.
as a girl, i used to love the saccharine brit popsters.
after a few touring stories, my childhood dreams were crushed.
apparently the boys were right pricks and didn't even really play instruments.
and i just went and looked up band photos, to refresh my memory -
wow, they were super gay and kind of old looking. sad.
i was even a fan club member. i have the pink laminated card to prove it.

i also learned a bit about groupie mentality.
apparently the ladies backstage were much more interested
in doing up the married or girlfriended band members.
if they found out the guy was the same age as them and single,
they weren't interested.
this is only mildly surprising and it makes a certain sort of sense to me.

i may try to see 1,2,3&4 of cremaster on wednesday -
but i had planned on having a dinner party.
what to do...what to do.
mind you, one of the women i met tonight has 3 and 4 on DVD -
she offered to lend it to me, if only i had a DVD player.
i have been told by some it would be insane to miss it,
by others that it is irritating and a waste of time.

but hoo-boy the scenesters in the line-up at the cinematheque
were worth a trip back.
there are paragraphs and paragraphs i could devote to the myriad
of funky intellectual eyewear and tattered cardigans.
but i am trying not to be that way
and so i will keep it to myself.

my feet hurt
sometimes i hate watching television alone.
i guess i could make the box go black,
but then it's so quiet in here.
what i need is a good book.
i really want to read the new clinton memoir.


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