Tuesday, July 06, 2004

okay... slowww down people.
i need to clarify something.
ok, y'all remember that post i made
jonesing for a pair of shoes?
by tit for tat i did not really mean tit for tat.

i was merely pointing out that the shoes were on sale
and that of course i am broke at the same time
as in, i deserve this grave injustice.

i have fielded far too many emails requesting tits for tat.

please. i don't have the stamina for real online whoring

this of course does not apply to the nice normal folk who
have come my way thanks be to the fluvog post.

but, just a few moments ago someone sent me a terrifically rude email
requesting a rather unholy online communion.
yes i have a webcam - no, it doesn't fit in there.
funny, inventive piglet you.

yes, yes - of course i deserve this negative attention.
that is not the point.

forgive me. i am weak. i like shoes.
unlike sinéad - i do want what i haven't got.
you go on and think less of me.
i'm really okay with that.

but, jesus people, we're talking shoes
i wouldn't do a quarter of those nasty things for knee-high boots.


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