Sunday, July 25, 2004

today i bought a lemon meringue pie from capers.
i have never tasted a capers pie, but i was convinced it would be delicious.
it was not and it is now confirmed that i do indeed make a good pie.
no more store-bought pastries for this cowgirl.

last night i went swimming at whonnock lake
it was beautiful - almost uncomfortably so.
i find when all my senses are engaged, like they were last night, it can be pretty overwhelming.
water and reflections have this effect on me. just looking at the sunset over the lake made me want to jump up and applaud or something. oh, i'm not explaining myself well here. this is why most people should never, never get into "nature poetry".

feels like the heat has given a bit.
i would do anything for a crisp week of october right now.

i am going to have to get my blood tested, i reckon.
whenever i eat, i get cold and very very tired.
i've been trying to ignore it, but it seems to be getting worse.
i fucking hate any sort of blood-letting.
i could just try to give up eating but it's hard for me really get too worked up about this.
i mean, what's nicer than eating and sleeping?
but if i continue like this i will begin to pack on the pounds and quickly surpass "round around the edges" to just plain round.

now that i've jotted down my health fears i can stop worrying about it.
read: not do anything about it for a bit longer.


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