Friday, July 02, 2004

well, i had a lovely canada day.
granville island was indeed a nightmare,
but we managed to have quite a nice time in the sun.
the company was wonderful, although a little under the weather.
it was a helluva lot of fun taking the aquabus - first time for me.
finished the day off at hapa izakaya. yum.

after a nap, i headed off to the cambie.
it was rowdy and cheerful.
after a couple of drinks and a rousing chorus of "oh canada"
we moved on to the railway club.
a good time was had by all.
that is, until we got on the topic of gossip.
then a good time was had by all but me.

the walk home was enjoyable even.
loads of drunks on the streets.
it's funny, i should be a little more nervous
walking home alone at night, but i'm not.
perhaps that is foolish -
there were enough creeps out.
the only part that creeps me out is heading down my street.
it's dark and quiet and i admit to feeling a bit jumpy when i hit that stretch.
but, as you can see, i made it home quite alive.

just finished a chicken burger at zach's
it was delicious.


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