Thursday, August 12, 2004

Equal parts squirm-in-your-seat embarrassing and spiteful fun - this just in from The Source for Youth Ministry:

Did he just say "Off the heezy my nephew?" What the heck does that mean? Glad you asked.

Okay, so it was fun reading the lingo - but the warning pleased me more.

This teen lingo represents today's culture and many of the problems that go along with it. Although much of it is humorous, a good portion of it is very offensive. Many of the words are terms for sexual activity and drug use. Many of the examples given are common quotes from youth today- these quotes, although somewhat edited, can be foul or vile (sadly, all the below phrases can be said in a PG movie). I believe this dictionary has educational value in helping youth workers understand teen mentality and culture, but please do use discretion.


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