Saturday, August 14, 2004

I am an asshole, you see. I have been a day behind all this week. I thought yesterday was Thursday and so I missed the Conan O'brien special I wanted to see. I lose. At least I'm consistent.

I had a lovely day yesterday. I went cycling around the seawall and spent some time sunning and getting splashed by big cool waves. The ocean still fascinates me. Growing up on the prairies wavy water meant major storms. Not the sort of weather you want to be out standing on a shore in. Yesterday, standing on sun-warmed rocks and being buffeted by salt water made me happy. And not even in a corny way, so there. There was this amazing fellow fishing on the seawall who looked so much like his name must be Rocco that it would ruin things for me to ever discover otherwise. It was hard to tell his age because he was so tanned, but I would guess he was anywhere from 45 - 65 years old and he was positively majestic. Standing at one of the most visible vantage points of the wall wearing wee speedos and covered in salve - he reminded me of some sort of Roman warrior. Huge potbelly be damned - he was a sight to behold. Though from a distance he did resemble a glazed Thanksgiving turkey more than a gladiator.

Today is Saturday. I feel the urge to do something. Hopefully I will.


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