Sunday, August 22, 2004

Listen to this and tell me what you think: elkland's apart. Yes, they sound so very much like The Cure, but is that such a bad thing. No. It is not.

So yes, I got me a haircut. I like it, but I lost some serious length. I'm aiming for full-on hair-slut status, so every inch lost wounds me. However, someone recently pointed out that I was beginning to resemble an aging Canadian writer. You know the type: Too-long hair, all frizzy and shot through with white, usually clipped back with tortoise-shell barrettes or in one massive braid down the back. An interesting aside: these women often develop an unsatiable passion for gauzy scarves and long skirts. And so, losing a few inches to avoid this fate is really not so bad.

I do believe I'm managing to shake off this recent attack of depression. I've had a pleasant past few days. It is nice to be busy and social. The worst part of coming out of a slump is having to once again deal with reality. I really really must find a new place to live. Perhaps I should get paypal and offer to do horrible embarrassing things for a few alms. You reckon any of you would throw me some chump change for new digs and the sheer joy one can take in another's humiliation? I think you could.


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