Thursday, August 26, 2004

summer holidays: sojo's tattoo (me, sojo, kristina) Posted by Hello

Well, holy shit in shinola - it's my 233rd post since I moved to Blogger. I have no idea how many I left behind at or whatever it was called. That's a lot of sharing. Lucky duckies, each and every one of you.

The photo above shows my new haircut... oh, yeah and the lovely Sojo's pre-tattoo experience. But, back to me - unfortunately it is a marvelously unflattering photo (of me). The ladies look nice though, and it was a fun time worthy of photo documentation. And so I will not be vain and delete the fuck out of it. Know this: I do not look like that. Seriously, that jacket is puffy and my thighs are much, much thinner and I'm way smarter in person.

What, you want to hear about my day? Oh, you! I am signing another contract with ZeD, this time for a year rather than for six months. Well done, me. I also rec'd a bit of a raise. You know, on paper I'm a huge success. But, I've gone on about this before. I am happy to have my job, but it was tough returning after my brief holiday. It was so very nice to go for bike rides and out for coffees all willy-nilly-like. Oh well, at least I have a job to return to. You think the whining is bad around here now...

me and the charming ms k. - mid-bikeridePosted by Hello

I still haven't found a new place to live - partly because I haven't looked and partly because of some other better reason that elludes me right now. I need a situation to arise. Like a kindly and stupidly rich senior citizen takes a shine to me and decides to give me a house or something like that. I'm holding out for this. Old people like me. I am very polite and sweet. In my family respecting one's elders is right up there with locking the bathroom door at all times and avoiding excess touching (unless it's Christmas or New Year's Eve - then it's open doors and familial groping galore!)

Jesus. I just caught a glimpse of myself hunched over my laptop. I must remember to never ever, ever sit in front of a mirror again. Mirrors are for posing. Body turned to the side so as to minimize full-frontal wideness, head tilted and lips licked and hair tossed just so. I need a good 2 or 3 minutes prep-time before I hit the looking glass.

I'm not really saying much here, am I? I am making Rice Krispie Treats, so I suppose I should go tend to my boiling marshmallows. I will burn CDs tonight. I'm a hardcore "mixed tape" geek.

I feel a bit more at ease knowing everyone is safe and sound. I am excited about my trip. I am not making sense.

Good night.


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