Saturday, August 07, 2004

yeah, so my hard drive cannibalized itself.
terrible thing to witness.
first, a grinding, munching sound, followed by the blue screen of death.
next, a nasty red screen and then utter blackness.
everything is gone.
my photos, my music, my files, my...everything.

this has happened to me twice before.
now, you may ask: did the silly bitch back up her files?
and i would answer: no, of course not. i'm a free spirit.
darling, non?

so, i will have to rely on my work computer.

my life is dull, i am going to go to more "functions".
i will need a new pair of party shoes and a LBD.

oh, i have also decided that i am ready for a book deal.
no, i don't have a premise or an idea.
but i got heart.
and i got italics down pat.


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