Friday, September 17, 2004

A bit in the bag right now. Just returned from wine-drinking with friends. It was a wonderful time. I resisted going, but I am very glad I gave in. Met up with a woman who used to work for ZeD. We had a great time. We were shamelessly hit upon. Good for a nice old lady's ego. I only mention it because it's only fun if others know. On the way home I picked up water, chocolate macaroons and lots of water. As I write this, I am drunkenly stuffing myself with junk food and watching Conan O'Brien. So, yeah - I'm hardly paying attention to you all. Expensive day today. I bought my passport for $95 fucking clams. Can you believe that? And then I paid for my plane ticket to NYC. I am one poor whino. Oh yeah, I also bought Guacamole Doritos. I best enjoy the male attention I rec'd tonight. I reckon I should gain a good 12 pounds tonight. Fun. But, holy-moly, these chips rock. Much nicer than boys. Oh, it's the Emmys on Sunday. Mmmph...crunch...can't do this and eat chips at the same time. Something's gotta give.

Goodnight poodles.


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