Friday, September 03, 2004

Friday night - yo. Tonight I will wash that grey right out of my hair. I had entertained fantasies of allowing myself to go grey - thinking I would be some silvery fox or something. But today I went and had my passport photo taken and then - for fun - I compared the mugshot to my old passport photo taken 10 years ago. Wow. I mean, wow. So, yeah. I'm dying my hair tonight. And then I'm going to put on loose pants and watch television. Pretty fucking hot, huh?

Only moments ago I found out that tonight there is a modern dance thingie going on. I would have gone, possibly - maybe. I mean I WAS downtown and I DID have lipstick on. And my dance card was decidedly empty. Some ZeD folks were supposed to be there - woulda been fun. But now, I'm cozied up at home and I have a date with some harsh chemicals and hot pink nail polish.

I think I'm off the cigarettes. I just can't seem to choke one down. How annoying. I suppose now I will develop an addiction to chocolate almonds or something.

Anyhoo, I'm not getting any younger looking talking to you lot.


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