Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I leave for New York in 8 days. Wow. As usual, I am totally broke. I really need some dough. I'm seriously considering trying to sell some shit. But sadly, people won't pay much for shit. I could sell this laptop - but I wouldn't get much for it and it belongs to the CBC and I would get fired. If I don't spend a dime until I go, I will have ~ $500 CDN to last me 7 days. Good luck, right? Of course I get paid a couple of days AFTER I get back. Born to lose, baby. I need an indecent proposal sort of situation.

Work is crazy. My hair is looking like shit and I'm suffering through ugly days like nobody's business. This is unfortunate as it is VIFF time and there are oodles of social events to attend. Tomorrow night there is a function at Ginger Sixty-Two and a Cineworks party at the same time. I will attend both. I am amazing. Also, I scored tickets to the VIFF Anniversary Gala. All this and me with nothing but faded black crow's clothing. I will drink and wear lipstick. S'all good.


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