Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I'm still sick. I left work early today. I am very bitchy. I would feel sorry for the poor people who have to deal with me if I didn't hate them all so much right now. I hate my sore throat, I hate how the rain is making my hair curl, I hate all my clothes, I hate my apartment, I hate what I had for dinner, I hate that I can't never have no fun, I hate the toe cramp I am getting right now, I hate how behind I am at work, I hate the overdue bills hiding under the Safeway bag on my kitchen counter, I hate the dirty dishes sitting in my kitchen sink, I hate the gross, wiry hair I found in my steamed pork bun, I hate my upstairs neighbour who fucked a strip off his girlfriend until the wee hours of the morning waking every poor soul within a 3 block radius...

That was fun. Where's my fucking Vicks Vapo-rub?


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