Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Man oh man, am I ever starting to hate lasagna. I am forcing myself to eat this salty lasagna and I am making myself ill in the process. I just forced a big slab down, not moments ago. I will be drinking gallons of water to try to undo some of the damage. I had a productive day at work. Some fantastic AIM conversations and a couple of nice cigarettes.

I rec'd most excellent news about my trip to NYC. My friend has a friend who lives in the same building as Britney - yes the Britney - in the city and he said we could stay there as he will be in Canada for Thanksgiving and I am very happy and no longer so worried about money and stress and guilt over money and other stuff and oh my god it's just gonna be so much fun and really we are going to live it up and totally we will do some shopping and ooh maybe we will see Britney and her new family even I though I heard 50 Cent was looking at Britney's pad and then hoo-boy would that be interesting. i mean really.



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