Thursday, September 23, 2004

Oh so much to say... and so I will stick with the most recent and happy event. I just returned from the loveliest meal. We took a grand young lady out for her birthday to an Ethiopian restaurant. The food was incredible. The owner of the restaurant was so very kind that he made me tear up a few times. We met the artist who painted the traditional Ethiopian paintings covering the walls. He was charming and bigger than life. Everyone in the place was having such a wonderful time. People's faces took on that warm, well-fed sheen that only comes from sharing a meal with good company. When it came time to sing "Happy Birthday" every table joined in. It was an incredibly satisfying evening. For a solid three hours I didn't worry about a thing. I just enjoyed the very simple pleasures of eating and laughing and singing. So wonderful. I won't forget this evening and I will be certain to return to the same restaurant often. Not to try to recreate tonight - no -but to take a stab at something new.

Forgive my mush...


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