Friday, October 15, 2004

I'm back. I'm exhausted. Missed my flight Tuesday night. Very stressful. Bright side: an extra day in NYC spent with charming New York hosts. Too much to tell right now. Vancouver seems very small...and clean. I confess I did not want to come back here and the unpleasant events transpiring in the workplace make me wish I had not. The nice thing is that NYC isn't all that far away. I would like to manage another visit in short order. Perhaps while there is snow on the ground.

memory joggers for possible future sharing:

new coat
"thou shalt be ashes too"
keith richards
sleepy hollow
beard papa
health bread
deep thoughts at the gonq
free samples at nat sherman
the bridge
century 21 insanity
beaver wax
the cheating girlfriend who gives away cats
movin' out
highland diner
heel clicking
bleeding clue
handy cathay blanket
nice sofa
nicks and chopped cheese
amys cakes

Oh God - i have to go to sleep. wish I was in the city that never sleeps (which isn't really true, you know. streets were pretty dead at 3 am)


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