Monday, October 18, 2004

on da bridge Posted by Hello

This is one of the few photos I actually had taken in the city. Most of the photos are from our daytrip to Sleepy Hollow (I'll tell you about that another time). We almost didn't do the walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and that would have been a real shame. The view and the company were so lovely, I actually forgot my cramping and unhappy lower back for the entire crossing. I got to see the Stature of Liberty which no one else in my party wanted to see. They misunderstood and figured I wanted to trek out to see it up close. Seeing it from the bridge was plenty good enough.

When I look at the above photo I almost feel sorry for the relaxed tourist lady posing in her new coat. She has no idea that in just a few hours she is going to get on the wrong subway car, discover that the air-train is down and burst into tears in front of the Cathay Pacific ticket agent when she is told she has missed her flight to Vancouver. Poor woman, she hasn't a clue.


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