Sunday, November 07, 2004

My Weekend (in point form):

- worked late-ish
- missed Conan due to long torturous phone call with mother

- had a nice lie-in
- ate Pho
- watched Grey Gardens (fantastic)
- ate chopped liver on bagels and pickled green tomatoes(delicious)
- swallowed disappointment over repeat SNL

- posed for photoshoot at CBC (for hours and hours - fun)
- lugged a thousand pounds of laundry to the laundromat
- bought some nice cambozola
- realized I no longer had my apartment keys when I tried to leave laundromat
- freaked out
- called every small business on Denman to see if my keys were turned in
- called my landlord and learned that I left my keys in my apartment door (smart)
- ate some nice cambozola
- eventually calmed down

- exhausted and craving a bit more protein
- I absolutely must clean my apartment, but I would much rather watch tee vee
- working on getting off my ass
- wish me luck


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